27 May

Announcement: We are partners with World Health Partners Now!

Bridging‬, Connecting‬, being a Setu, we take one more baby step as we strive to solve problems on the ground.

We are happy to inform that our work on identifying suspected ‪‎TB‬ patients in the villages of ‪‎Patna‬ district and connecting them to the right organization (in this case “World Health Partners”), for proper diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, continues in full swing.

A great news is that we are now a formal partner with WHP‬ (‪‎WorldHealthPartners‬):

  1. to generate community awareness and sensitization for treatment adherence as per standards for TB care in India.
  2. to ensure treatment adherence, treatment completion and improved cure rates of TB patients.

Our on-field volunteers and workers will carry out the work on the ground as per the standards, processes .agreed upon while WHP will impart training, provide awareness and IEC material, data on patients, service based incentive to the volunteers and workers, provide format for adherence tracking, etc. This arrangement is currently for one year and extendable post one year.

We share some of the photos, as our founder Nishant interacts with the volunteers and workers before the introduction session with WHP team!


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Nishant Ojha
Author: Nishant Ojha

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