10 Dec

‘The Logical Indian’ acknowledges and supports us in our initiative – ‘Each One Reach One’

‘The Logical Indian’, in its efforts for good, posted about our Each One Reach One program in its ‘My Social Responsibility’ segment. Big thanks to the team for spreading the word. 🙂

Click on the link given below to read more about the program: https://thelogicalindian.com/my-social-responsibility/seva-setu-mothers-program/

I am a working woman. I am a mother of two. I generally keep quite busy with home & office. Yet, I find 2-3 hours every week to reach out to, speak (on phone) to and counsel my pregnant and lactating women friends from the villages of ‪Vaishali‬ & ‪‎Patna‬, ‪‎Bihar‬ on various ante & post natal interventions. We often do a little bit of unrelated chit-chat as well :)  It is a wonderful feeling reaching out and getting a different world view. Yes, I am a ‪#‎CALLCHAMPION‬ with ‪#‎EORO‬ ‪#‎MOTHERCARE‬ program of Seva Setu. Yes, I am a part of a change! Together we are creating some positive ruckus on ground, step by step, every day. DO YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF THIS?

Nishant Ojha
Author: Nishant Ojha

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