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Probably you have a great idea, or may be just a desire to do something meaningful, or a vague outline. We all have great intents but often we get stuck in the absence of concrete action, our desire begging a question: where to begin?

We don’t promise you miracles, but just the opportunity to interact with a group of action oriented young bunch who are ready to hold hands with you, to discuss your ideas, work together to act and implement and give shape by helping you answer: where to begin, so that you can take it forward all alone or may be with us if you like our company.

We strongly believe that ideas don’t die because of an absence of resources, but because of inaction. There is surely enough band-width and resources across the globe to support well-intended socially meaningful ideas through something, they term, as crowd-sourcing. And we like it. And that is how we have been running our group.

We are not very fussy about all the details now, but there are some basic tenets of our group which your idea should at least remotely align with. These are:

1. The idea must have the potential to directly/indirectly affect the lives of poor/needy in a positive way
2. The idea should preferably be around fulfilling some fundamental human need/rights such as health, food, education etc.
3. If you want to start & lead something in your locality/village/block/district in line with the various schemes we are already running on ground in certain villages, we will support you with adequate training/resources/inputs/research so that you can run it independently after initial hand-holding.

Please feel free to share your idea/project plan by writing to us. We’d love to hear what you have to say and will be in touch with you soon.

Write to us on this email address

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