29 Jan

Updates from Republic Day – All differently able in 3 Panchayats have their disability certificates

As part of its citizen care program, Seva Setu ensures that the differently able receive government’s pensions. As per our government’s reports and our own field surveys, we have analyzed that more than 50% of the differently able do not have disability certificates (a document needed to process their pensions). We take active steps to ensure that each differently able person is first identified through extensive surveys, from every village in the blocks/districts that we work in. We then ensure that all such people receive their disability certificates and if applicable, their pensions as well.

We are pleased to inform you that in Bihar’s Vaishali district that we’ve been active in, three panchayats – which comprise of roughly 50 villages, now have no differently-able people without a disability certificate! 🙂 We have ensured that all those we surveyed have got these documents processed. This was our target for November-December, 2016. We have now streamlined many of our operations to get these pensions facilitated. We hope to aggressively chase other Panchayats and blocks as well. Full steam ahead!

An update from this year’s Republic day – 

Republic day is celebrated every year to commemorate the day when the constitution of India came into force in 1950.  Our constitution provides a guideline for every citizen of this country to live his/her life with dignity. To accentuate this underlying principle of our constitution, Composite Regional Centre (CRC), Patna organized a camp for the differently-able in Hajipur (Vaishali). The camp was organized to provide necessary equipment to the differently-able in Bihar’s Vaishali district. Seva Setu has already been working to help the differently-abled people of the region in getting the required documents prepared to avail CRC benefits. The camp by the CRC was an opportunity for us to expedite this process for the beneficiaries.

After going through various procedures including document verification and medical check-ups, four hearing impaired people from our survey got hearing-aids. The market price of this high-quality hearing aid ranges from ₹3,000 to ₹4,000. The apparent elation and excitement of the beneficiaries and their family members after getting the hearing-aid was, for Seva Setu, a true celebration of the 68th Republic Day.

To know about the exact numbers from our survey/work, please visit – https://sevasetu.org/disability_care

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