05 Jun

Differently abled Neeru becomes a volunteer for TB‬ Awareness & Treatment Program

If you still remember her, our friend Neeru (with almost no fingers in her hands to hold on to: differently abled with no fingers), from a poor family in‪#‎PhulwariSharif‬ block of ‪#‎Bihar‬, not only completed her matriculation but now also is an extremely active volunteer for our ‪#‎TB‬ Awareness & Treatment Program in partnership with ‪#‎WorldHealthPartners‬ (WHP). Dedicated and sincere, in the last one year, since we helped her get due benefits under the relevant disability scheme of government of India, she has successfully multi-tasked to not only complete her studies but also to support many like her to get the due benefits. The only equipment she has is a bicycle (always has enough energy and enthusiasm to reach the training venues on time) and it goes without saying that she does have a BIG HEART! 

Now, while she is a part of a cause with us to structurally address the monster called #TB, she earns around Rs. 2,000 per month as a community service remuneration to support herself and her family. We are so proud of you, NEERU!