28 Feb

Stitching a Better Future | Training and Assessment Certification

While the ‘best’ custodians of national interest debate and fight with the ‘greatest’ reformers & proponents of liberalism in the country, we continue our humble efforts on the ground to bring some incremental, constructive change. Amidst this noisy power struggle of conflicting ideologies, our silent journey of action on the ground, solving problems on the ground continues.

As the morning sun brings hope & brightness to a new day, we share with you photos of women and girls from our 20th batch of Sewing training at Phulwari block of Patna district, Bihar. These photos are from a recent “Training Certificate” distribution event, as our trainer Ms. Ruby Devi distributes the certificates to those who successfully completed the training and passed the assessment test. We are happy holding their hands as these women and girls take on multiple challenges, to “stitch” a better future for themselves.

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Though there is a long way to go, these successful instances of connecting, collaborating, bring a lot of hope and resolve to us, as we march on, hand-in-hand, trying to solve the problems on ground!

Here are some stats relevant to our sewing initiative:

Locations: ‪#‎Patna‬, ‪#‎Vaishali‬, ‪#‎Samastipur‬ and ‪#‎Katihar‬ in Bihar
Number of young girls and women trained so far: 313
Number of young girls and women under training: 90

A brief introduction to our sewing initiative:

We visit local communities, locate a skilled trainer (usually we always find one within the community itself), canvass potential trainees and after few rounds of discussion, we agree on a convenient place within the community itself to launch the sewing training center. We provide Rs. 7,000 as seed capital (The cost of Sewing Machine + Accessories Cost). Post that, we connect them to the wholesalers/retailers who buy stitched petticoats and blouses. Young girls and women get hands on experience in stitching and sewing. After the training hours, they enthusiastically work to produce for the orders received and deliver within committed timelines. With the capital provided for training and the revenue generated by selling finished products, the sewing center and participants earn enough not only to sustain but also pocket some regular profits on a regular basis.