11 Apr

Visitors at Seva Setu

Say hello to Ujjval Pamnani, a research engineer with an education-technology company. Having been through our posts for a while now, Ujjval decided to spend a short break from his work at our Patna office. He wanted to understand how we operate and how we are able to affect the last-mile.

Ujjval spent three days visiting various villages in both, Phulwari and Rajapakar blocks of Patna and Vaishali district respectively. Here’s a brief summary of his visit –

  • He participated in a Village, Health, Nutrition and Sanitation day at a village. He noticed both, the effectiveness of having such a government program and some limitations in its implementation.
  • He audited our Citizen Care program, where he saw first hand the poor utilization of government pension schemes. He got to talk to families to get a sense of where the pain points were.
  • He saw how, through our Each one, Reach one program, we ensured that mothers at the last-mile were provided basic health care. He visited mothers in villages who had been contacted by our call champions and who were being suggested to carry out simple interventions to improve their and their children’s health.
  • He spent time at our stitching training and production centers. He saw how we generate employment in the ecosystem by engaging with women from rural and semi-urban areas.

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He had some sharp observations on how to make such interventions sustainable. We had very informed discussions on what small changes can be brought about in existing systems to produce tangible results. This experience also led him to raise several fundamental questions as to why the inequity in our current society is so stark. We will soon have a guest post from Ujjval on his observations and learnings 🙂

We hope these experiences will lead him to bring about concrete and positive change for the masses.

From team Seva Setu — all the best, Ujjval!